Puerto Rico

When you hear Puerto Rico, you probably don’t immediately think of this board game and that’s OK. Still, it is a great fun board game. And we are happy to tell you more about this. The Caribbean unfolds and takes place here. This is where it originates and there you play it, so on Puerto Rico, a connection and a link that you can certainly make. Will you be the winner? The smart guy of this beautiful area? We will tell you more about the game, how it came into existence and of course a little about how you can win, but not to forget our opinion.

Title: Puerto Rico
Publisher: Ravensburger
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: Two to five players
Running time: One and a half hours to almost three hours
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Year of release: 2002
Availability: For sale everywhere

Origin of the game
This game was conceived, developed, written, described and designed by Andreas Seyfarth and published in 2002 by the small Dutch publisher Alea. Ravensburger soon took over this game with all the rights for a considerable amount, which Alea, as a small publisher, naturally liked. You as a player must bring the island of Puerto Rico to bloom, work together on a beautiful island.

Of course there are a number of rings in the cable and this does not happen automatically. All players have the goal of seeing the island flourish, but of course there is only one player who gets the honorable mention and task for this and that is where things go wrong. Getting in each other’s way with tricky tickets and obstacles. Who is the fastest, the smartest and who wins? That is the question.

Object of the game
Ships with goods must sail to the Old World. So your goal is to get that job done. First you need to collect as many victory points as possible and with these points you can send ships with goods to the Old World. Once you have arrived in the Old World, you must start building buildings to make Puerto Rico flourish.

It is certainly not simple and quite difficult, because it is of course not easy to collect just a few victory points, find a ship and build some buildings. If only it were that simple and Andreas Seyfarth, the inventor and inventor of this game, has of course thought about it. Besides that, he was also inspired by the island of Puerto Rico itself. Anyway, back to the game itself and its purpose.

There are different roles and throughout the game a player like yourself can choose a role. You can earn a role, of course, one role is worth more than the other. And so you can gain more victory points and reach the figurative finish line faster. Roles out there in the game are captain, mayor, master builder and a number of other roles of interest in Puerto Rico. The roles are therefore important, but also the ships that sail around the island.

Puerto Rico is a fun game for which you definitely need to be fast, smart and handy and of course have the right entrepreneurial spirit. Beat your fellow players, collect the victory points and go around the island with all your collected ships as quickly as possible and get the best role in the game. For example, the mayor of Puerto Rico, you decide what happens, that’s smart, right? With that you can get more points and win, it’s that simple. This legendary new game is for sale in almost all stores. Order it today and this can also be done online. And if you own or already have the game, read this page again and win.

Have fun playing the Puerto Rico board game.