Do you want to become the millionaire of the evening? Collect as many houses as possible, don’t get yourself in jail and of course sell entire streets with hotels at good prices. Monopoly already has many different editions and is definitely worth playing.

Title : Monopoly
Publisher : Hasbro
Type of game : Board game
Number of players : At least two players
Running time : At least one hour
Difficulty : Moderately difficult
Year of release : 1934
Availability : For sale everywhere

Origin of the game
Monopoly is currently the best-selling board game in the world. This game is extremely popular and every family has probably spent an evening with Monopoly. The game has now been developed in 37 different languages ​​and the game is now sold in even 103 countries. The inventor of Monopoly is Charles B. Darrow. In the 1930s, this unemployed man invented Monopoly. He was one of many unemployed men in America’s 1930s crisis. His only idea was to come up with a game where everyone could taste wealth, because life was so hard at the time. Since 1935, two hundred million copies have been sold in all kinds of editions and other variants.

Charles B. Darrow at that time brought his idea and the elaborated game to Parker Brothers publishing house, although the publisher thought it was not good enough and it did not meet their standards. Then he wanted to tackle it himself and decided to have 5000 copies made himself at a local printing company, in order to do it in-house. He certainly didn’t want to give up. It was soon a success and the Parker Brothers publishing house asked if Charles wanted to come back to sell more and develop his ideas even more. Charles B. Darrow certainly wanted that and that is why Monopoly is still the number one board game in the world today.

Purpose and rules of the game
At the start of the game, each player receives 1500 euros. This is the starting capital with which he or she can buy various attributes during the game, such as utilities, stations and streets. The aim of the game is to get as rich as possible and it is therefore a matter of smart play. If you have large hotels on the Kalverstraat, then you are doing well. You can also buy stations in four places, draw chance cards, go to prison and park for free. It is all possible in Monopoly, as if it were real life. If you come to a street where someone else already has a house on it, you have to pay rent to whoever owns the house. The amount can increase if you have an entire street with hotels on it. Then the person who comes on it has to pay more rent than if it is just a house.

It is possible to get a card on several squares, this surprise can have a positive or negative effect. This will take you to the Opportunity box or the General fund box. The latter is not from the first versions, but was added later. So things can happen at every corner. You are safe at the start. And it is the intention to continue. You are also safe if you come to free parking. Then nothing happens and you wait. There are also three possibilities to end up in the second corner square: the prison. This is possible if you land on the square: Go to prison. This is also possible if you take a Chance card or a General fund card that has this on it. Or if you roll a double three times in a row, the third double is straight to jail.

A nice game which is not very difficult. Of course it also has a bit to do with luck, but that actually has a lot of games. The game does take quite a while. And so you have to take the time for it one evening. We are curious if you can become the millionaire of the game, good luck.

Have fun playing the board game Monopoly