A fairly new board game, at first 999 Games also had the only rights over it, but this quickly went to Alea. Also a young, Dutch publisher who already managed to bring some good and fun games to the market. So Alea has become a mature brand with deep and creative adult games. Read more on this page about this impressive and creative board game.

Title: Genoa
Publisher: Alea
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: Two to five players
Running time: About one to two hours
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Year of release: 2001
Availability: Available almost everywhere and online

The beginning of the game
The game board should represent the center of Genoa, this was invented by itself and is not derived from anything, for example a country, a certain area or a certain person. In the middle is a square with all kinds of important buildings. Around the square other things take place such as other buildings in which important activities can take place for the duration of the game.

The active player can thus determine where the trader goes with his profitable points and his important buildings around the square. The aim of the game is to make money and this is certainly not very simple. You can also earn this by carrying out assignments. The fastest and best way to earn the money is when you have to deliver something specific to a particular place and do it quickly, smartly, conveniently and well. Or that you have to bring a message from a starting point to an end point. You will of course also receive money for this and you can therefore also earn building tickets and place important buildings in the square or outside it more quickly.

Our opinion
Many find this game the favorite of 2001. A good game with a lot of diversity and a lot of possibilities. You can independently determine your route and have to trade quickly with other players, which means that there is a lot of interaction in the game. Don’t just play dice and laugh a little on a night you play it. No, there must certainly be work, thought and speed and cleverness must be involved. It is certainly not a game for children, but for young adults and adults this is a very suitable, fun, interesting and captivating board game.

You can earn money by giving away a promotion, but of course you have to be careful with this. Because the player who can then perform the action can probably earn more. Many who have tried this game were already wrong here and that is certainly not an easy task. It is certainly a matter of deliberation and sometimes you also have to be strict with the opponent, because of course you just want to win the whole game as smartly and as quickly as possible and be the best dealer, we even understand that.

So sometimes you have to leave your opponent strict as a trader and run off with the money and the building cards yourself. We do have a good tip for you if you only play the game with three people. The first tip we give is to recommend that you play it with more than three players, then there is anyway more diversity and speed in the game and it is of course more fun because you have more choice to trade with others.

Then the tip we wanted to give you: make sure that not all privileges end up in one hand. That can then be ugly at the final count, making the game a lot less fun in one fell swoop. It certainly seems like a difficult game to learn if you have read this because there are many possibilities in the game. However, this is not so bad, because as soon as you start playing it, many things quickly become clear. Good luck trading, it is certainly a game that is recommended.

Have fun playing the Genoa board game.