Game of the Goose

Do you always want to be the first to reach the finish? And do you know how to bypass difficult obstacles? Then goose is really a game for you. It is an easy game, which everyone will learn quickly. Once you know how to play a game of goose, you will have a real addiction to it. Game of Goose is also a fun family game, read on for the game rules of Game of Goose.

Title : Game of the Goose
Publisher : Different
Type of game : Strategic game
Number of players : Varies by version
Running time : 30 – 60 minutes
Difficulty : Easy
Year of release : Not exactly known
Availability : Available everywhere and online

History of the game of
Goose has been around for a very long time. Goose was already being played in the fifteenth century. For example, it is known that Francesco de Medici sent a game of goose to Philip II of Spain. The game of goose ended up in England and France through various routes. In the year 1597 the game was officially registered with the London Stationers Hall register. The goose board game made its appearance in the Netherlands around 1640. The game represented a path of life, the course of life was then determined by the die, fate. In earlier times people mainly tried to avoid dice. But the game of goose was accepted in society, so the dice were automatically accepted. In the 16 ecentury was goose for a game that provided relaxation for children of noble birth. But in the 17 e century the game was mainly used to educate the youth.

What do you need to play Goose?
If you already have the game yourself, that is nice and easy. But if you don’t have the game, you need to purchase the following items to play the game. First of all, you need a number of pawns to walk with. You also need the game board made of goose. And you need a die. A manual is also required, if you end up on one on a ‘goose’ you have to see which assignment belongs to this. These can be found in the manual. We will tell you more about this below. 

How do you play goose?
Game of the Goose works much the same as human beings. Only the game board is different. You get a pawn. You can move this pawn by throwing a number with the die. The number is the number of steps you can take on the game board. Then you have to try to avoid or survive the obstacles on the board, so that you don’t have to start again, for example.

When you start playing, the player who is the first to get the highest number may start. Everyone starts in box 1. Next, you start throwing (clockwise). The number of eyes you throw is the number of steps you can take. The first person to reach the center of the game board is the winner.

The game board contains 63 squares, square 63 is also your final goal. If you come across the squares that do not contain a number but a goose, you have to do an assignment that is included in the manual of the game. This can range from a number of steps forward or backward to a round in prison. Geese are depicted on squares 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, 59 and 63. If you land on one of the squares while walking, you must complete the assignment. the manual. 

Have fun playing the board game Stratego