We know Cuba is a country, but did you know it is a game? If you did not know, you can read everything on this page about Cuba, the game. If you knew a bit, you can read more about Cuba, the game on this page. An exciting game with surprising twists and turns and definitely worth playing it yourself. And afterwards: who won? We are curious. So on this page everything about Cuba, the adventurous board game.

Title: Cuba
Publisher: The Game Master
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: Two to five players
Running time: One and a half to two hours
Difficulty: Moderately difficult
Year of release: 2008
Availability: For sale almost everywhere

Purpose of the game
The publisher 999 Games really wanted the rights to this game and to publish it, it was literally on the radar of the reasonably large growing publisher. The release schedule was 2008 and negotiations with various German and Dutch publishers had already started. The question in the game world was of course who should receive the rights to the game. The German Eggert Spiele and the publisher 999 Games did not come out fair, because they both wanted to receive the rights.

Then another publisher stepped in to get the rights to the game: The Game Master. Not a very well known publisher yet and not at all in board games, but the credit was theirs. They were allowed to receive the income and start the whole plan and there was the result, there was the great game in the store with the publisher on the packaging: The Game Master.

It is a very extensive board game which certainly requires some time for preparation. Everyone starts with a plantation plate, you have to harvest on this, as it were. You can then win agricultural products and other mineral resources on this plantation plate. If you are good at the game, it is easy to win and there is more to be earned and the game is finished faster and you are the real entrepreneur. The title naturally links to the country of Cuba.

The game board is shown as a city and actually also as a kind of island, which is why the game itself is called Cuba. There is a trading goods market that you can pass by after rolling the dice to trade with the so-called market trader, because one player in the game is the market trader. There are three types of agricultural products, rum and cigars to trade during the game.

Furthermore, it is a central game board that you as a player have to walk through and through as quickly as possible and of course act the most. So if you are the most in the commodities market then you are in the right place. The game can be played from two players, but it is the most fun and more challenging to play with more players. But this is with a lot of games. With four or five players it is the best. And you can negotiate the most. And because of the trade you can also get things hijacked or there is another player in the way of the market for trade goods. It’s all possible in this spectacular board game and trading game: Cuba. There is also a port for shipping where you can moor and sail around the island and go around. For victory points you have to go around the island with the ships with the goods, then you will get more profit points and better profit points and that is very good and you can profit from it. Are you the best trader, the best entrepreneur, the smartest and the fastest? Then you definitely win this game. And is this game also for you, good luck.

Have fun playing the Cuba board game.