Do you score the most points in this game? It’s all about the French historic city of Carcassonne. Placing land tiles is important to get the most points in the game. Fighting with knights and horses, can be played with from two players to five players. Can you win the bitter, historic battle?

Title: Carcassonne
Publisher: 999 Games
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: Two to five players
Running time: About 45 minutes
Difficulty: Fairly easy
Year of release: 2003
Availability: For sale online and in toy shops

Origin of the game
As mentioned above, the goal of the game is known. So it is about the historic city in France that is known. With monasteries, monks, highwaymen and knights. It’s about the time from the Romans. First about preparing for the game. First, the starting tile is placed face up on the table, this is the beginning where you as players, the knights, have to start.

All other tiles are shuffled and divided into small stacks and placed randomly on the table. Then there are the serfs, each player gets seven serfs in the player’s color. There must be at least two players, so fourteen serfs are at least in the game in the beginning. It is played clockwise, not counterclockwise and this does not change during the game. It keeps going with the clock, the game.

When it is the player’s turn, there are three steps that the player must take. We will tell you. First of all, the player must draw a new land tile and see if you can place it somewhere, as this is mandatory. When the new land tile has been placed, you as a player may place one of your seven serfs on the new land tile. And as a third step, because of the new land tile, it is possible that roads, monasteries or cities have been completed. You must now count these and remove them from the game board. The game is over when all the land tiles have been placed. Note: if there are still serfs in your color and they have not yet been placed on one of the land tiles, the game may already be over. So if all the land tiles have been placed, you must count them now.

Many other versions and expansions have also been created with the game. It has only existed in the Netherlands for six years in the version we currently know. There are seventy-one cards in play and therefore different variations and variants. A very nice game with many expansions and if you really like the game, it is of course something that you just have to have. Save the tiles and distribute them with each player. The board game is also called a designer game. The board thus forms during the course of the game.

This is nice that the board forms itself during the course of the game. A challenging game with various surprises and elements that you certainly would not have imagined. The starting Dutch publisher 999 Games has certainly done something good to come out with this game. However, not the best game from the publisher 999 Games, because Puerto Rico still is. About Puerto Rico you will also find a lot of information and our opinion on this website.

Agricola is also a contradictory counterpart when we talk about the best game from a publisher. Anyway, that aside. Just back to Carcassonne. A game where you have to be driven and attentive, will you win and reach the finish line or lose? It’s all possible with this board game, fun to play with the two of you, but even more fun to play this game with the four or five of you. It is all possible and it is your choice. Think carefully and act quickly, then you will definitely win.

Have fun playing the Carcassonne board game.