Again a board game published by 999 Games for one to five players. Each player has a wooden house with two rooms, who wins this game? So it can also be played alone and you have to leave as soon as possible and be gone and then the end is almost near. A farmer’s couple lives in the wooden house where you have to start and that’s where the game all starts. The game was nominated for Toy of the Year in this year, 2009. So that promises something.

Title: Agricola
Publisher: 999 Games
Type of game: Board game
Number of players: One to five players
Running time: About 90 minutes
Difficulty: Fairly easy
Year of release: 2008
Availability: For sale everywhere

Purpose of the game
This board game is fairly new. Released in 2008 by 999 Games and already a huge success, as it was immediately nominated for Toy of the Year a year later. Unfortunately it didn’t win, but that makes sense because it hasn’t even been around for two years now. On to the next nomination and then perhaps the next prize, everything is possible. Let’s discuss and tell the purpose of the game.

It takes quite some time to set up a jar of Agricola. Many tiles, houses and pawns, but then you also have something: the game is all set. It is suitable for children from the age of ten and the inventor who works at 999 Games is Uwe Rosenberg, who is also the author. He has already devised, described, written and developed several games and published together with 999 Games for Belgium and the Netherlands.

It is a peasant family in 1670 where everything is different and they have to leave their home together to conquer the world and survive it. You can plan and build fun, quietly to leave the house and be the first to be ready. If you have taken some nice actions, it can happen that it is hijacked again, so you have to pay close attention, because this can happen like this. That is also one of the goals of the game: make sure that no one steals your buildings and plans.

Our opinion
Because if everything is hijacked you can start again at point zero and that is of course not the intention. It is an impressive board game. There are many different investment cards and development cards in the game that you have to draw and collect. This game can provide many surprises because of the different maps, the structures and the plans, which makes it extra fun. And after dozens of games you are probably not finished yet.

It is a sublime game for the gaming enthusiast and has many possibilities. In any case, we will not be surprised if new versions are soon to come or further expansions with the farming family and the investment cards and the development cards. Fanatical players who like to play a game less often and less often, this is certainly playable. It’s very different every time you play it and the fun thing about the game is that the game takes a different turn every time you play it with a different number of players. Whether you play alone, with twos, threes, fours or fives, it has different twists, surprises and other elements.

It is and will always be fun. It’s definitely worth giving it a try. The more you play it, the more fun and addictive it gets. Puerto Rico was often the number one of this publisher, but since this game was launched, opinions have been very divided and therefore also changed. By the way, on this website we also tell you more about Puerto Rico as a game from this publisher 999 Games. So read both pages completely, play it both, give your opinion and judge for yourself. We are curious.

Have fun playing the Agricola board game.