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Dear visitor,

Would you also like to advertise on offers the possibility!

There are several banners on our site. Look for this in the image below. The options are: 1. Right in the sidebar: Square Banner 125×125 (always visible)  2. Under each game *: Half banner 234 x 60 / Full banner 468 x 60 3: Left in the sidebar: Wide Skyscraper 160×600 (always visible)

The prices are: 
For prices, please contact us by sending an email, even if you
would like to start a tailor-made advertising campaign.

It is also possible to become a Top Link partner:
This can be done by sending significant numbers of traffic to our site, but a place is
also for sale. If your site fails to do this, it is also possible
to buy a place.

For information, send an email to  

1. The advertisements for game points (number 2) must be related to the game (possible deviations after consultation)
2. The advertisements must be purchased every 2 months
3. All advertisements must be paid in advance 
4. We reserve the right to change prices, they will not affect your contract term. 
5. Subject to typing errors