Welcome to the website bordspellen.info. On this website you will find information about various board games. So do you not yet know how a certain board game should be played or want to know if it is a fun game? Find the rules here! Besides reading the rules of the different games, the game can also be played immediately. The games currently described can be seen below. Do you know a nice board game that we do not yet have on our page, let us know via our contact page.

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Agricola (new!)

Again a board game released by 999 Games from one to five players. Each player has a wooden house with two rooms, who wins this game? So it can also be played alone and you have to leave as soon as possible and be gone and then the end is almost near. A farmer’s couple lives in the wooden house where you have to start and that’s where the game all starts. The game was nominated for Toy of the Year in this year, 2009. So that promises something

Backgammon  (new!)

Are you the fastest across the street? It’s a race against time where the dice are very important. Watch out for your stones, which can be captured by your opponent. Are you the fastest with all your fifteen stones on the other side? Then you have won.

Carcassonne (new!)

Do you score the most points in this game? It’s all about the French historic city of Carcassonne. Placing land tiles is important to get the most points in the game. Fighting with knights and horses, can be played with from two players to five players. Can you win the bitter, historic battle?

Cuba (new!)

We know Cuba is a country, but did you know it is a game? If you didn’t know, you can read everything about Cuba, the game on this page. If you knew a bit, you can read more about Cuba, the game on this page. An exciting game with surprising twists and turns and definitely worth playing it yourself. And afterwards: who won? We are curious. So on this page everything about Cuba, the adventurous board game.

Genoa (new!)

A fairly new board game, at first 999 Games also had the only rights over it, but this quickly went to Alea. Also a young, Dutch publisher who already managed to bring some good and fun games to the market. So Alea has become a mature brand with deep and creative adult games. Read more on this page about this impressive and creative board game.

Settlers of Catan (new!)

Settlers of Catan has been the best-selling game in the Netherlands for years. The board game is extremely popular and can be played using different tactics. The diversity is what makes the game so popular. With the basic game there are already different ways to play it, but the expansions also provide nice extras.

 Machiavelli (new!) 

Machiavelli was first a German game. The young Dutch publisher 999 Games managed to acquire the rights to this interesting, exciting board game. It’s about characters, there are different characters in the game from assassins to thieves and from merchants to wizards. It’s all there. On this page we will tell you more about this exciting board game and about the characters and the origin of this game. 

Monopoly (new!)

Do you want to become the millionaire of the evening? Collect as many houses as possible, do not get yourself in jail and of course sell entire streets with hotels at good prices. Monopoly already has many different editions and is definitely worth playing.

Puerto Rico (new!)

When you hear Puerto Rico, you probably don’t immediately think of this board game and that’s OK. Still, it is a great fun board game. And we are happy to tell you more about this. The Caribbean unfolds and takes place here. This is where it originates and there you play it, so on Puerto Rico, a connection and a link that you can certainly make. Will you be the winner? The smart guy of this beautiful area? We will tell you more about the game, its origins and of course a little bit about how you can win, but not to forget our opinion.

RISK (new!)

Are you an excellent strategist or do you have no idea when it comes to the job of world conqueror? With the game Risk you can prove your strategic value. The game seems a bit difficult but in the end it is not that bad compared to other war games.

Chess (new!)

The slaves have to do the work in the game and the little soldiers can defend the King. Because nobody is allowed to touch your King and you must therefore ensure that it does not become a checkmate. Everyone probably has a chessboard at home, whether it is a beautiful board with luxurious chess pieces or a simple board. It doesn’t matter, you can play chess on it. We will tell you how best to play chess, how it originated and further rules of the game on this page.

Stratego (new!)

The title reveals it all, a strategy game. You can achieve different ranks in the fairly new game, from bombs to flags. Stratego can also be played on the computer and another variant is Living Stratego. Strategic and good avoidance, that’s what it comes down to.